Vibration Monitors (OMNIDOTS)

SWARM Vibration Monitor

The SWARM vibration monitor is the most efficient and high-quality vibration monitor on the market and uses MEMS technology. Geophones are no longer needed.

Installing the SWARM is incredibly fast and easy. You can configure the measuring points remotely via the Honeycomb web platform. There you can also access your measurement data 24/7, from anywhere in the world from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Our customers use the SWARM vibration monitor worldwide in construction and infrastructure and also to measure vibrations of other nature, such as vibrations at windmills, vibrations at data centers and vibrations from heavy traffic. You use the SWARM to measure potential damage to structures and to measure nuisance for people in buildings.

The measurement data is automatically sent from the SWARM to the Honeycomb platform via 4G/LTE or WiFi. You will never again have to retrieve monitoring data from the jobsite. You save time and manpower through the unprecedented efficiency of the SWARM.


Honeycomb is Omnidots’ cloud based web platform which allows you to access, view and export your measuring data and to configure your SWARM settings. You can access Honeycomb 24/7 from any location or device worldwide. One of the main advantages of Honeycomb is that it offers remote access to measurement data and allows for remote configuration of the SWARM. This saves time and manpower.

The installation of a SWARM vibration monitor at the construction site is quick and easy: simply mount the SWARM with only 1 screw to the structure you want to monitor, and power the SWARM. You can configure your SWARM remotely, before, during or after installation, using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. After mounting and configuration, your SWARM will begin to measure and you can start monitoring.

The SWARM automatically sends the measurement data via 4G/LTE or WiFi to Honeycomb. At the touch of a button, you can export your measurement data to PDF, CSV and Excel overviews. You can also easily set up alarms on Honeycomb. Alarms can be configured at three levels, and exceedance notifications will be send out by email or SMS. Honeycomb can also send out automatically generated reports daily or weekly by email to multiple recipients.