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From humble beginnings in 2007 in Singapore we have grown to be one of the specialist Civil & Structural engineering companies in South-East Asia providing various engineering products, solutions & services to our clients in all countries in SEA region.

Geotechnical & Structural Instruments

Design, Automation & Optimization of Instrumentation & Monitoring systems for Civil & Structural projects

Analysis & Consulting on Site Monitoring Results

Consultation & engineering services for data-interpretation & visualization of collected instrument readings from construction site

Non-Linear Analysis Software for RC Structures

Supplying various software for analysis and design of structures including the world famous ATENA software for detailed Non-Linear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete strusctures with capability to model all the details of rebars and their interaction with concrete

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This brand of High-quality Geotechnical & Structural Instruments is 100% manufactured in England and distributed & supported by us in the SE-Asia region. All type of instruments including VW Piezometers, Inclinometers, Load & Pressure Cells, Settlement Monitoring Systems, Tilt Meters, Strain Guages, and Automatic Data Acquisition Systems are manufactured and supplied by GEOSENSE




We are exclusive distributor of civil engineering analysis & design software from renowned Czech company “CERVENKA”. It includes ‘ATENA’ the most powerful Modelling & Non-Linear Analysis software for RC Structures. This software has comprehensive system of modelling rebars and their interaction with concrete and could precisely model & analyse effects of almost anything on the structure including creep, shrinkage, fatigue, temperature changes, cracks, etc. We provide special discounts for Universities and Non-Commercial users of this software in the region.

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All types of Geotechnical & Structural Instruments

Consulting & Design of Monitoring Systems for your Projects

Automated Acquisition Systems

Analysis & Design of Complex RC Elements

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Address:50 Chin Swee Rd., #09-04 Thong Chai Building Singapore 169874 Phone:+65-66007743 Fax:+65-65160824 Web:http://pronas.com.sg Email:info@pronas.com.sg OpenMonday - Friday 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +8)

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